Scholarly Journal
p_ISSN 2536-5479 e_ISSN 2536-5487
Svetlana K. Perović
University of Montenegro
Faculty of Architecture

Cities & Futures is an open access peer reviewed journal that publishes original scientific articles and review articles from various areas related to contemporary urban issues, urban perspectives and future of the cities. This journal includes, but is not limited to the following research fields: urban planning and design; architecture; landscape architecture; urban sociology; urban geography; urban economy; environmental studies; engineering; technologies; urban health; and urban education.

Focus & Scope

Focus of the journal is on the research that promote contemporary urban topics, critical reviews, new theories, mechanisms, strategies, models, paradigms, implementation, solving complex spatial problems for a sustainable regeneration of city structures: inclusive cities issue, creative industries, creative cities, city branding strategies, smart cities, etc.

The journal includes a wide range of research issues and problems of contemporary cities, from identification of current urban infrastructures; examining conceptual, socio-economic, cultural, spatial and physical relations in contemporary cities; role of local urban centers in informational and technological society; position of cities in a global hierarchy and global culture; up to new visions and ideas on cities of the future. Primary goal of the journal is the advancement of scientific and applied research in the context of sustainable future of the cities.

The journal encourages collaborative, inter- and trans-disciplinary research, that promote integrated knowledge. The limitation of conventional disciplinary approaches in solving complex city problems is becoming more apparent from the local to the global level. Development of disciplines such as landscape urbanism, transurbanism, transarchitecture, ecological urbanism, ecological engineering, etc, points to this fact as well. Built environments dominantly interpret links between local urban processes and global currents. Promoting transdisciplinary methodology and new integrated methods of research in the processes of regeneration of built environments are especially significant for this journal.

Frequency of the journal is 2 per year.